It's not everyday that you get to travel to the other side of the world with your "other half" so when we decided to travel to South Korea we knew that the next year would be a time for many firsts and memories that would last a life time.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Jinhae Warship Exhibition

November 5: Weighing our options for a Saturday night, we called up our Aussie friend and insisted that he host us for the night at his place in Jinhae (the next city over). He willfully accepted and picked us up. We went to eat at a fabulous restaurant called Anna Su. It was a french/western restaurant with an incredible decor and a relaxing atmosphere which was a nice break from Korean food. A bottle of wine and a 3 course meal was enjoyed by all and we set out back to Nathan's apartment.

In transit, we decided to pick up some more vino and with that we bought 2 bottles of Peach Champagne at a hefty $2.50 a pop. 5 bottles of red wine in tow (we managed to finish the bubbly in the car), we set up shop and settled in for what we thought would be a nice relaxing evening. We did run into one problem: no corkscrew! Being University graduates we thought pushing the cork into the bottle would be the best bet for a non-sober evening. We mangaed to shoot wine all over ourselves (Nathan changed shirts 4 times, Kelly once and Steph once), and all over the kitchen. We managed to open all the wine and mixed it with a hefty amount of drinking games. Between the three of us we polished off every bottle of red.

Late the next morning we set off to Nathan's work to drop off his co-workers car. Kelly got her first experience as a driver in Korea (and she got to go off-road also!)and was a little frightened at first because Korean drivers are crazier than the Quebecois! Nathan works at a shipping company where they have the largest cranes in the world. It was amazing to see and had it been a bit clearer out we would have climbed a crane to get quite the view.

Piled into Nathan's SUV, we set out to find a museum without a map or the actual name of the museum (a re-occuring theme for us). We relied on Nathan's cell phone and his roommate to guide us. Eventually we made it to this little fishing village where a bridge connected the mainland to Jinhae island. As the bridge was under construction, we boarded a small sketchy ferry boat and 5 minutes later we arrived at Jinhae Island.

Jinhae island was amazing. There were 3 battleships tied up to the side of the island and we explored the largest from top to bottom. The crew cabins were tiny and cramped, the ships controls were numerous, and the guns were huge. Some of the artillery could shoot up to 16 km away! And yeah we got to play with buttons ;)

We moved on to the Jinhae Naval Battles History Exhibition Hall where we saw the history of ship building, the types of guns used on ships, a simulation of being on a warship at sea, model submarine submersions, the chronolgical evolution of Jinhae itself. Its official bird is the white seagul...suckers!! All in all a very educational day!


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